Save You Money (CEOs, COOs & Procurement team)

How we do it:

We submit your bid ANONYMOUSLY this enables you to keep your vendors honest and spot check pricing they provide.

We reduce “miscommunication” and “inconsistent messaging” that can occur between your company and vendors by providing Consistent SOWs-this process requires our team to diligently work with each vendor to align “terms” as best as possible.

What you get:

We package your 4 to 10 bids in a single elegant prsentation (we call this a Deliverable).

You can review the bids and then follow up with the vendor (or vendors) you select directly in order to try to get an even better price if you wish.

A freed up IT department, due to our streamlined processes, which enables them to focus on their core job responsibilities.

A check and balance system to keep your preferred vendors in line with market pricing.

A one-stop shop and single point-of-contact to coordinate all of your SOWs.